Sistema Spedizioni

In complex times such as these, customers choose a product not only for its quality but for how fast and efficiently it can be delivered.

At Sistema Spedizioni we provide highly performing, efficient transport and logistics services. What makes us stand out of the crowd is our ad hoc service tailored to your specific needs. We are able to tap into an extensive experience of over 40 years with the sole aim of maximizing YOUR competitiveness on the market.

A variety of transport and logistics solutions with one single point of reference.

We can guarantee diverse transport and logistics solutions providing a single interlocutor, from the moment of the quotation to the delivery.

Your interlocutor will offer expert advice and supply updates regarding the status of the shipment, guaranteeing an all-round assistance service.

Our team has grown with us

We have a team of twenty highly qualified staff members who, after having studied your requests, in very short time will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

A team of external specialists

Alongside our Sistema Spedizioni in-house commercial service staff, we avail ourselves of 1,700 certified partners, who have undergone our strict criteria of selection, such as punctuality, precision, and security, and with whom we have a longstanding professional relationship. Sistema Spedizioni can boast over 15,500 road freight shipments, over 800 air freight shipments, and more that 600 sea freight shipments; numbers that are rapidly increasing, year after year.

We can satisfy all your delivery needs